Top, Jades and other objet d'art; middle left, Brompton cemetery; middle right, Ruth; Lower middle, Tarr Steps, pastel painting; bottom, green crystal spheres.
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Welcome to my personal website
As I've nothing to update the Anthropological Connections: OUAMEAS website with, as the group is inactive until September, and 'ordinary' London is paralyzed by the Olympics, I have a lot of time and content for this website. Details of updates are on the News and News Archive page.
The number of visitors to this site has increased considerably since April 2012, growing beyond family and friends, and thus you may be wondering who I am. Well, without divulging a full life history, Ruth and I have been married for over twenty years, lived in London for over eighteen, and after twenty-one years in the UK Civil Service, I took voluntary redundancy in April 2011.  This website is filled with my interests and activities, all exercised here so that I can brush up on some web skills.
There are a few serious topics on this website, but most of it should be approached in a playful manner akin to the mood in which it was written. For the latest developments, go to News; and I'd value any thoughts via Contacting Me.
I would value feedback as to the sections. The first person to email back championed the Brown books, Senex and Comicus Interludus. I will work on that for the next big update, but meanwhile look at Senex Redux, a reworking of Senex.  The second response was about the recipes, and the requester is suggesting more on the anthropology of food. Certainly, I can expand next time on my work with the quest for the Armenian 'national dish'. (And thank you for your other comments as well, second responder.)
Nic, 21 August 2012.
(Copyright 2012, Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)

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