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My preferred medium nowadays (compact, cheapish, easy to store).  Again, a full gallery coming soon - none of the drawings enlarge at the moment.

Life drawings

I've done a number of courses using life-models.  I love drawing bodies, primarily because I think the human body surface is analogous to the mystery of the human voice as a musical instrument.  Since I'm stumped for models at the moment, most of my recent drawings are copies from reproductions, hence the Clausen and Modigliani poses on this page. (Oh, and there's a 'coloration' of the Burney plaque, The Queen of the Night, Sumerian circa 2,500 BCE. ) More on this soon.

Other drawings

Various drawings culled from sketchbooks over the years. Apologies for the sketch of Scarborough Castle - yes, it's spread over two pages. 

Drop-in Centre portraits

My latest drawings in the main are quick two minute portraits of service users, done at the drop-in centre. It's interesting - most of the service users have addiction problems, and most can't sit still for more than five minutes. But sometimes I'm lucky in catching people just long enough in an interesting pose. Sometimes, I have caught the quintessential nature of the sitter ('Barbara') but it can certainly call for diplomacy when you know your sitter's just come out of nick for two years' GBH. Likewise, frequently, I hear "hey, that's good, mate - do you do drawings in court, like?" (For non-UK readers, cameras are not permitted in UK courts, but sketch artists are).

Top left down, John; After Clausen; Scarborough Castle; Brian. Top right down, Barbara, After Modigliani, Orpheus, George, Dutch garden, Queen of the Night.
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