Top, whales; Middle, Ice cream; Bottom, tartan trousers.
(Copyright, 2012 Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
(Copyright 2012, Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)

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Interludus Comicus

In Senex, I introduce a 'interludus comicus'. In narrative terms, it is an interval sequence - ostensibly to cover the secret mysteries.  Actually, I got bored, found Henry Beard's Latin for All Occassions and was inspired! So, I created a series of comic Latin tags illustrated with suitably comically incongruous situations. 

There is an overarching theme, namely of the Games. For example, a whale is saved in a gladiatorial combat - 'Save the whales!'. You get the drift of the low comic undertow...  It doesn't get any better.

These are the illustrations that people seem to enjoy the most, but I'm a bit shamefaced about them as the draftsmanship was rather sacrificed for the idea. At risk of sounding like some second rate afternoon radio / daytime TV show: do you think they have some commercial potential (if improved) "Call us now..." at 

There are enlargements behind all six of the drawings arranged around this page.

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Top, I think therefore I'm depressed; Middle, skulls; Bottom, 'Dorothy'; Left, ship sailing.
(Copyright, 2012 Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
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