Top left down, Mushroom Lady, Music on the Radio, Troll Invasion, Marie Antoinnette and her Mammoth. Top right down, Cappuccino Flower, Matchstick House.
(Copyright, 2012 Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
(Copyright 2012, Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)

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Photo Installations 

Most of these installations are jokes - indeed, on this page there is actually a drawing, and not a photo, but one of the longest, most convoluted joke pieces I have ever constructed. (I have added the story of Marie Antoinette's pet mammoth, with prior apologies to all serious historians. Details here.)

The mushroom lady and the matchstick house are photos I'm quite proud of, so they are the only photos at the moment with links to larger images.

Below the mushroom lady is the self-explanatory Music on the radio. Likewise, further down is Dogs - dinner.

The Cappucino Flower has its origin in my habit, each morning as we have coffee in Rogerio's, to dip my spoon into my expresso, and then scrawl into her cappacino whatever My Lady desires. Coffee monkeys, smily faces, angels... all have made their appearance on Ruth's cappucino.  It makes the denial of the chocolate powder worthwhile, apparently. 



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For the full story of Marie Antoinette's Mammoth, please click on the picture.