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Late August 2012
The main news is that there isn't any! As we are in the midst of the dog days of Summer, things have been slower than usual as London was transfixed by the Olympics.  I personally was going for a gold in cynicism, doing well with the Korean flag fiasco, and then completely  flopped after the fantastic Opening Ceremony.  I just hid under a stone thereafter, and as there's been a heatwave, we have yet to fully emerge.
The one thing that I have been thrown back on - indeed, the only project unaffected by the Games - has been Senex Redux.  I have put a series of comparison pages: of old Senex pages that vaguely correspond to the new narrative line of Senex Redux. Do, do please tell me what you think (since so many of you have said that you like Senex best of the website sections.)
Meanwhile, opposite, are photos from our weekend meanderings in the past couple of weekends. 
Oh, and keep your eye on the Paperblanks website - I might be appearing there.
Top, The Thames at Mortlake; Middle, Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon; Bottom, Ruth during an evening ramble on Putney Heath