Top right, Armenian feast; Bottom right, Recipe cards; Left, pomegranate; Far left, Armenian doll.
(Copyright, 2012 Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
(Copyright 2012, Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)

Armenian food

I have recently put down an account of my fieldwork in trying to track down 'the great Armenian national dish'.  Iwill work on an edited account for inclusion here soon, but suffice to say that it was all one big wild goose chase, the experience of which led me to a deeper understanding of conducting fieldwork.

Include here a photo of one of my fieldwork props: a set of recipe cards to show to my informants, to see if it opened up the discussion.

There's also a photo of various recipes that I cooked up and added to my presentation of findings.  It was well received!

And there is a photo of something that is emblematic of Armenian culture (as agreed by all my informants and as featured in the film Ararat), the pomegranate.

Anyway, more on this in due course.

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