Above: Roasted duck breast, sliced and laid upon rice and peas, and fresh diced pineapple
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Duck on Pineapple

Duck breasts (one breast per person) - supermarket prepared for roasting.

A fresh pineapple (about half for two people)

1 cup of rice (I use a Basmati / easy cook mix)
1 cup of green peas

Sauce mix:

Non-alcoholic ginger wine, 1 tablespoon

Blackcurrant juice ('Ribena'), 1 tablespoon

Cranberry sauce / Plum sauce / Hoisen sauce (to taste)


There's relatively little cooking involved beyond the basics (boiling the rice and peas) and following the cooking instructions on the carton for the duck breasts (180C for 20 minutes with foil lid on; 10 minutes further with foil lide off, to crisp).  Method is in four parts. 1. Cook the duck as instructed on the preprepared portions. Note the cooking times, and work out the time needed to boil the rice accordingly (ie. so both are ready at the same time for serving)   2. Prepare the pineapple (I tend to top and tail, trim the outer skin off, quarter top to bottom, cut out core, then cut into strips and dice.) 3. Boil the rice, adding frozen or fresh peas about five minutes before serving. 4. The sauce is the most adventerous part - in a small saucepan, add the blackcurrant juice, the ginger wine, and the a good dollop of cranberry sauce.  Heat until it all blends in as a sticky sauce. Hoisin or plum sauce will give a tarter, spicier flavour. Experiment to see what you and your eating partners like best. Likewise, you can either serve a sauce to go on the duck on the plate before serving, or to coat the duck breasts for their final ten minute roast (as I tend to do). Serving: Either serve rice and pineapple side by side with the duck along the middle (as shown) or layer from the bottom, rice then pineapple then duck. Particularly good if you serve the sauce on top, and value it drizzling downthrough the meat, fruit and rice.


Note: you cook at your own risk, this recipe is a guide only - the duck must be thoroughly cooked, stored safely, etc.


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