Top, Lakeland bridge, pastel painting; middle left, spice jars; middle right, Chinese brushes; Lower middle left, Egyptian space; Lower middle right. South leverton church.
(Copyright, 2012 Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)
(Copyright 2012, Nic Carlyle. All rights reserved.)

Nic Carlyle


JUNE 2012:

The past few months (April to June 2012) seem to me to have been quiet, but there are a number of products dotted around to prove otherwise.

Firstly, I was asked to write and I supplied a piece that covered some of my anthropological fieldwork. I cannot say too much about it, but it involves my elusive quest for the 'Armenian national dish', a forlorn enterprise that finally yielded some interesting results. See the anthropology section for more details. Writing has also included writing a profile of myself and my use of Paperblank notebooks (my Brown Books) for the Paperblanks website. the piece should be coming out in late August.

I managed to find somebody who would sit for me, as a portrait model. Poor girl suffered as I drew her in a park, as she didn't tell me she suffered from hayfever, and it was murder waiting to wipe her nose. But she was splendid, and two of the three drawings were quite reasonable. You can see them here. (Anyone willing to model? - I can only guarantee my thanks, the posterity of this website, and a drawing; but do get in touch if you wish).

Senex has been a success. People have been wondering what I intend to do with the paintings. Well, I have begun reworking the stories, and a sneak preview is here.

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